Calling all vendors! Apply today for your spot at the 14th annual St. Johns Bizarre!

The St. Johns Bizarre is back — May 13, 2023 — for its 14th year. And we’ll be picking up right where we left off.

Vendors, that means it’s time to send in your applications, so you can help make this year’s event the best one yet! Please take a look at dates, details and other helpful information and apply now!

We’re as committed as ever to curating a balanced selection of vendors that appeals to the entire community.

Vendor at the 2019 St. Johns Bizarre. Photo by Jason Quigley

In 2019, the Bizarre welcomed over 125 local vendors, selling an impressive array of handmade art and craft items, including jewelry and clothing, home goods, photography, and painting. Also featured each year are a number of food vendors, as well as booths featuring local community organizations.

The St. Johns Bizarre is back May 13, 2023!

As the world continues to re-emerge from the worst parts of the pandemic, we are working hard to bring back our beloved community gathering. We’ve missed you! And we can’t wait to see you this year on May 13, when we’ll gather once more to make merry, shop for arts and crafts, sing and dance, enjoy good food, and celebrate this wonderful neighborhood that all of us love!

The 2022 St. Johns Bizarre has been canceled

As the world takes hopeful steps towards recovery from this pandemic, we are opting to not hold the St. Johns Bizarre in 2022. We love St. Johns and all of you who make it so special (especially on Bizarre and Parade day). We hope to gather and celebrate with you in 2023.

In the meantime, please stay safe and take care of each other and do what you can to support our local businesses and our vibrant music and craft scenes.

The 2021 St. Johns Bizarre has been canceled

We regret to say this but we will not be holding the St. Johns Bizarre in 2021. When we made the hard decision to cancel the Bizarre last year we were optimistic that things would be different in a year’s time. Unfortunately, even with the many positive steps that we as a state and as a country are making, it’s clear that we are still many months away from being able to safely host an event like ours. 

Please stay vigilant this year and continue to wear masks, practice social distance and get the vaccine when you are able. If we all continue to work together and take care of one another we can more quickly get to the other side of this and gather and celebrate once again as a community. Stay safe.

The 2020 St. Johns Bizarre has been canceled

We have made the hard decision to cancel the St. Johns Bizarre this year. We were holding out hope that we could postpone it to a later date but after many discussions we’ve realized that there are just too many unknowns for what the rest of the year holds for us to be able to do that safely and successfully. We wish this wasn’t the case for so many reasons. 

Please mark your calendars for May 8th, 2021 when the St. Johns Bizarre returns, and until then stay home and stay safe!